ART: Remixing the Renaissance into Hilarious Gifs

Artist James Kerr creates incredibly weird gifs out of Renaissance art and it’s all pretty incredible. 

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the secret life of plants

today was great. I woke up and went to the coffee shop and met my buddy/coworker russel there and talked with a friend of ours for a while then went over to russels house and I jammed with the gnarly darlings(a band). im excited because im gonna be playing the drums more with these babely girls

then i went to gaias garden where I work and put up some paintings of mine and they gave me free food

now im gonna take a shower!!!!!

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ok so im just not gonna use tumblr for hellla long until that baby picture stops being rebloged because I honest to god cant see that picture again ever at all okay thanks

fuckin see ya tumblr

dudes and dudettes

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Chyavanprash is a traditional Ayurvedic herbal jam, ingredients: Ghee, honey, amalaki fruit, cardamom seed, ashwagandha root, pippali fruit, vasaka leaf, shatavari root, musta root.. And multiple other roots and herbs. Good for the body’s natural response to stress, supports adrenals & immune system

Wartime sawmill “pit women,” Concord, New Hampshire, 1943. Photograph by John Collier.

Standish Hickeeeeyyyy